Transfer Student Leaders

The Transfer Student Leaders (TSL)

The Transfer Student Leaders assist incoming transfer students, as well as their parents and guests, during Orientation and Welcome Week.  Meet the Transfer Student Leader Team!

Abby Zellman

­­­­Name: Abby Zellman
Major: Psychology
Advice: Don't be afraid to ask people questions, you aren't going to know where everything is or where to find certain right away.

Alissa Clancy

Name: Alissa Clancy
Major: Finance
Advice: Get out of your comfort zone! You will be presented with so many opportunities here to grow as a person, so take advantage!

Andrew Wright

Name: Andrew Wright
Major: Political Science
Advice: Try and get involved on campus and meet new people. It'll help you feel more at home and connected here at the U!

Archie MacKinnon

Name: Archie MacKinnon
Major: Environmental Science & Policy and Management
Advice: Use a planner.  Getting adjusted to a new school can feel overwhelming at times, so it is especially important to keep your assignments due dates organized.

Brittney McLaughlin

Name: Brittney McLaughlin
Major: Sport Management / Leadership - Minor
Advice: Take a leadership course! This is a great way to find community early on and really helps to build confidence in and out of the classroom.

Cody Johannsen

Name: Cody Johannsen
Major: Architecture/Interdisciplinary Design - Minor
Advice: Have fun and don't forget the reasons why you decided to become a Gopher!

Diah Swenson

Name: Diah Swenson
Major: Bachelor of Individualized Studies with Concentrations in Health Psychology, Public Health and Health & Wellness Promotion/Minor in Neuroscience 
Advice: Utillize your resources. Get involved. Have fun! 

Elisabeth Hollembaek Parr

Name: Elisabeth Hollembaek Parr
Major: Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development 
Advice: Focus on classes, get involved in places you're interested, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there! 

Emily Richardson

Name: Emily Richardson
Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Operations Management / Leadership - Minor 
Advice: Be involved on campus right away by attending Welcome Week! Be open to meeting new people. Attending Gopher sporting events is also a great way to have fun and cheer on the Gophers!

Helene Zheng

Name: Helene Zheng
Major: Finance
Advice: Make the most of resources and opportunities at the U. 

Michael Rodolfo Corda

Name: Michael Rodolfo Corda
Major: Communication Studies
Advice: Join as many clubs/events that interest you! The U is guaranteed to have at least one community that's right for you! 

Sydney Mayer

Name: Sydney Mayer
Major: Bachelor of Individualized Studies 
Advice: Attend Welcome Week activities! I met SO many people and we have been friends ever since.

Tianyu Zhai

Name: Tianyu Zhai
Major: Architecture & Economics - Double Major 
Advice: Everything on campus is worth a try!