At Home in MN

Hay ride at Minnetonka Orchards

What is At Home in MN?

At Home in MN is a program focused on making out-of-state students feel more welcome in Minnesota and at the U of M. We know that while the transition to college can be different for all students, out-of-state students sometimes have unique concerns, such as traveling to/from their home state, adjusting to Minnesota weather and finding a local healthcare provider. The supporting faculty and staff of At Home in MN are excited that you chose this University and want to do everything they can to help you address your specific concerns so you have a successful transition to both college and the state of Minnesota.

Our program goals are to:

  1. Connect first-year students and new transfer students from out-of-state with other other out-of-state students.
  2. Assist out-of-state students in accessing resources to support their transition.
  3. Introduce traditions and events to out-of-state students so they may become familiar with Minnesota culture.Students hanging out by bonfire

Past Events

Each semester there will be a series of events you can attend. Out-of-state students will receive emails inviting them to these events throughout the year.

  • Minnesota State Fair
  • Chat & Chew with At Home in MN
  • Ice Skating at The Depot
  • Minnesota History Center
  • Como Zoo & Conservatory
  • Minnetonka Orchards

At Home in MN Living Learning Community

The At Home in MN Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community within Territorial Hall that gives eligible first-year, out-of-state students the option to live together in a dedicated area of the hall. 

Choosing to participate in this LLC will provide you with:

  • Connections with other new students from out-of-state.
  • Assistance in accessing specific resources to support your unique transition.
  • Experiences that will broaden your perspectives about people from across the country.

This House is located in Territorial Hall, which is conveniently located in the Superblock. Join At Home in MN to enhance your transition to the U!

Only incoming first-year students who live within the United States, but outside of Minnesota, are eligible to apply for the At Home in MN Living Learning Community. To apply, you must submit a Housing application and an At Home in MN application.

If you have any questions, please contact Orientation & Transition Experiences at or 612-624-1979.

Top Concerns from Out-of-State Students:

Out-of-state students have many of the same concerns as in-state students when first coming to college, concerns like homesickness and making friends. However, there are anumber of concerns that are unique to out-of-state students, such as being away from your doctor or health care provider, or adjusting to Minnesota weather. It’s important to realize that these concerns are valid, but they can be prepared for and overcome.

View this handout for more information on steps you can take to address these concerns.

Want more information?

  • First-Year and Transfer Students
    Tell us how At Home in MN can best support you! You can contact us at for more information or questions on At Home in MN events.